On Friday Feb 28, 2014 Mary Ellen wrote:

I skied at Jackson Hill today.  The grooming was perfect.  The trails are in fantastic shape after our recent snow this week.  Get out and enjoy!  Thank you BREIA for providing an awesome network of trails.

Super Grooming!!!

On Wednesday 1/29/14 at 10:24 am Tony wrote:

I had the pleasure of skiing the canal trail late afternoon on the 28th just after it had been groomed.  My compliments to the trail crews.   The conditions were superb!!  As I have mentioned in previous emails, the BREIA trail system is an invaluable gift to central New York.  Thank you so very much!!  Tony

BREIA response:

Tony - thank you so much.  Your comments are greatly appreciated and we're glad you had such an enjoyable experience.  Our grooming team works hard to keep all our trails in the best shape possible.  I will pass your comments on to them.


Skiing on Friday

On 1/23/14 at 8:54am Lois wrote:

Wonder how the trails are now. Thinking of coming to BREIA on Friday. Noticed the trails had snow on 1/20, get any more?

Thanks for any information,


BREIA Response:

Lois - We received about 5 - 6 inches of snow over the past week. Trails still have an icy base and main trails at Egypt Road, Jackson Hill, the Great Trail and the Canal Trail will be packed today. Temperatures are frigid and are supposed to remain that way through the rest of the week. I don't believe there is any major snow events forecast anytime soon, but a little here and there does add up.

Have a great time on the trails!!


Great Trail was great today

On 1/10/14 at 5:38 PM Mary wrote:

The unexpected snow last night and early this morning made for a really nice ski on the Great Trail today, Friday. Always a joy to be on the BREIA trails. Thanks again for providing us with this special place!

Ski Rentals?

On 1/12/14 at 2:08PM Kathy wrote:

If we leave a drivers license and deposit may we use the equipment on the other BREIA trails if we return before the building closes for the day?
BREIA Response:
Kathy - the skis are rented through Boonville Search and Rescue squad not BREIA so we really don't have a say in that but I do believe they have permitted it in the past.


Best ski area today?

1/7/14 at 9:26am rgt1949 wrote:
Good morning,

Due to the cold and wind, which of your trails would be best to ski today (most protected)?

Are you planning on grooming any trails today?

Are your warming huts already warm or will we need to start the fire when we get there?

Jackson Hill

On 1/5/14 at 8:35am Julie J wrote:

awesome morning Saturday with amazing trails no better trails... conditions were great and morning sun as well.  a bit windy but once in the trails it was great. timber trail terrific... scenes breathtaking... truly an enjoyable time  thank you